Connecting to something MORE...

Erin Designs - Yoga Energy Art - Connecting to Something More 

Erin Designs – Yoga Energy Art is a manifestation from trust, intuition and Universal flow. It has taken Erin on a journey of discovery and connection to Spirit.  As the quiet observer, she has watched opportunities and synchronicities unfold, turning her belief of being a separate, finite being, into knowing there are many seen and unseen forces conspiring to help her on her journey through this lifetime.  Surrendering to this idea is admittedly her biggest challenge.  When she surrenders and allows, that is when the magic happens! 

Developing the Energy Art Series, Erin says she wasn’t aware it was developing into Yoga Energy Art.  At the time, she was just beginning her yoga practice and did not understand the strong connection between her art, yoga and the Chakras.  So many synchronicities!  The images, mantras, digital painting and printing on silk, the connection to a whole new family of like minded people, all this has her believing in MORE than she could have ever imagined.

Erin states:  The Yoga Energy Art, Chakra series has opened the door to the possibility of connecting to something More:  MORE joy, MORE peace, MORE possibilities to have others feel this too.     

Each piece of Yoga Energy Art is infused with positive energy, a reminder to be in the present moment and take a break from everything else, if only for a moment. 

Breathe in Love, Exhale Gratitude...