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  • 1st Chakra-Root


    1st Chakra – Root – Red – I AM Grounded

    I nurture my body with clean food and water, exercise, and relaxation. 

    The root or base chakra is the foundation of the entire chakra system; it is located at the base of the spine.  It holds the imprint of past generations, both in our bloodline and soul line.  As we balance our root chakra, we feel safe and secure, vibrant and healthy.  To energize the root chakra, wear red and walk barefoot, soaking up the earth’s energy.  Honor and give thanks to your wonderful, beautiful body.

    12” X 12”, image size 8” X 8” Erin Designs original art is professionally printed.  Rag Mat Conservation Board, the 100% cotton core and backing paper are naturally acid free and lignin free, with a buffered acid-free 3/16” foam core backing and protected in a plastic liner. The image is ready to frame.